The name of the reading course your child will be studying is called Beginning to Read, Write and Listen.

Beginning is a comprehensive reading-language arts program. It contains and correlates reading, handwriting, auditory and oral language skills for the child who does not know how to read or write. Beginning provides the student with a thorough understanding of the letters of the alphabet and their sounds - the most basic elements of our spoken and written language.

Beginning is the foundation for a student's understanding of the letters as written symbols for the spoken sounds. In Beginning, the child learns about the alphabet: the letter names, how to write them, what sounds they represent, and what function they serve as they are blended to form words. It is a multisensory program of visual, kinesthetic and auditory activities which meets the specialized needs of the beginning students. It develops manual dexterity, else, it produces in the beginner a high degree of involvement and motivation so vital for success at this early state of learning.

The Letterbooks are taken home as they are completed so the parent can watch his child's progress and become familiar with how he is learning to read. The activities on the inside back cover provide simple and enjoyable ways for the parent to reinforce the letter skills taught in school. To inform the parent of the work that will be done each coming week, lesson plans are sent home every Friday with the student's work for that week.

Heath Mathematics provides carefully structured lessons on:

  • Geometry and Measurement
  • Classification
  • Time and Money
  • Position
  • Number Readiness

Modern Elementary Science contains three units of study: Physical (a word full of thing), Earth (changes you can see), and Life (looking at animals and plants). These units are sub-divided into a number of lessons and the principle that learning proceeds from the known to the unknown is applied within each lesson.

Spanish is 3 hours a week. The class introduces Basic Phrases and Vocabulary, Numbers, Colors, Days of the Week, Names of the Months, and the phonic approach to the ABC's.

Music is formally presented 3 hours a week teaching Rhythm, Song and Dance.

First to Read and Three R's School guarantees that the student will learn to read if the student attends all year and cooperates in the school's academic policies or the book fee will be returned.

Academic success is the foremost aim of BRIGHT BEGINNINGS and Three R's School.